Corporates & Insurers: Foster a safer workplace

A safer and happier workplace for your employees

How FLEXR works

3 simple steps to better movement health

01. Choose what you'll evaluate and what solution you need

Use our diverse evaluation library to measure the exact movements that impact your workforce. From posture to balance and strength, we've got you covered.

02. Measure & understand movement

Our tech will guide your staff through an interactive movement evaluation. We'll assess their movement health and provide science-backed results in an easy-to-understand way.

03. Turn insights into action

We'll provide your staff with personalised programs based on their bodies needs. We'll give them an overview of how they're progressing on their way to better movement health

How our clients are using FLEXR

Reducing workplace injury

"There's physical work involved for a lot of our warehouse staff, ensuring they're keeping their bodies healthy is crucial to us"

Improved employee wellness

"Giving our staff the tools to look after their physical health needs has really boosted morale in the office"

Reduced medical costs

"A happy and healthier workforce is crucial for any organisation when it comes to reducing sick-days and medical claims"