Fitness & Wellness: Guide and engage users like never before

From personal programming to accurate progress tracking, unlock the solutions that will guide your users to better movement-health

How FLEXR works

3 simple steps - infinite possibilities

01. Choose what you'll evaluate and what solution you need

Use our diverse evaluation library to measure the exact movements that drive your users' needs. From here, decide if you want to integrate FLEXR into your current app & website or use it as a standalone product.

02. Measure & understand movement

Our tech will guide your users through an interactive movement evaluation. We'll provide science-backed results in an easy-to-understand & gamified way to keep users engaged.

03. Turn insights into action

Whether its mapping to your existing content or generating personalised programs, we'll give you the tools to guide your users down the optimum paths to better movement.

FLEXR use cases

Countless steps towards better movement health for your users.


Recommend existing content or build personal plans based on your users' movement needs.


Objectively measure and celebrate progress, keeping users on the right track.

Build community

Foster community through sharing progress, results and encouragement.


Give users a view of where they stand.