Elite sport: Give your athletes the edge

Objectively measure movement quality, track development progress and guide your athletes to the best versions of themselves.

How FLEXR works

3 simple steps - infinite possibilities

01. Choose what you'll evaluate and what solution you need

Use our diverse evaluation library to measure the exact movements that drive your athletes' performance. From here, decide if you want to integrate FLEXR into your current workflow or use it as a standalone product.

02. Measure & Understand your athletes' movement

Our tech will guide your athlete through an interactive movement evaluation. From here, better understand their movement capabilities with our simple, science backed movement reports.

03. Turn insights into action

With FLEXR's detailed movement evaluations, you're set to guide your athletes towards better performance. Using content recommendations or altering current programming, the world is your oyster...

How our clients are using FLEXR

Supercharging development

"The ability to understand how well our athletes are moving has been a major factor in ongoing development"

Reducing injury risk

"It's critical for me to understand how primed my athletes are for strain. If their bodies aren't ready for certain challenges it'll always end up in setbacks"

Extending availability

"I love that our junior athletes can understand how they're progressing even when they're at home between training sessions"